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Arnar Birgisson

PhD student, Language based security
Rännvägen 6B
41296 Göteborg

Previous education

M.Sc. in Computer Science, Reykjavik University, graduate year 2009.

B.Sc. in Mathematics, University of Iceland, graduate year 2004.

My MSc thesis is titled Topics in Structural Operational Semantics and was submitted and defended in May 2009, under the supervision of is Luca Aceto.

Current research interests

My interests include programming language theory such as type theory and formal specification of semantics; language based security including both static and dynamic techniques; and specification of program properties, in particular security properties and policies. I am also interested in the use of logic in computer science, such as epistemic reasoning about knowledge.

On the practical side I am interested in paradigms for concurrent programming such as asynchronous message passing systems, software transactional memory and other alternatives and extensions to shared-memory threads. Also (programming/domain-specific) language processing, compiler construction and dynamic programming environments.

Currently I am focused on applying language based methods to address security of web applications, from both the client and server side.

Going outside the scope of my education I also have a weak spot for electronics of all sorts, playing microprocessors and general DIY hacking.


During my M.Sc. studies I assisted with courses on algorithm design and analysis, artificial intelligence, CS and programming for engineering students.

In Chalmers assist or have assisted with the following courses:

Further information

This website contains pages on some of my projects, list of publications and contact information.

My CV in PDF form can be downloaded here.

Personal stuff

Besides all that CS and programming nonsense I enjoy photography, as witnessed on my Flickr page, driving around my beautiful country in my jeep (sort of tricky when I don’t live in that country) and playing the piano (well, pretending to play at least).

Besides flickr, I’m also to be found in various online places:

This website

This website is a collection of static files generated with Jekyll and managed with git.

Georg Brandl generously allowed me to steal his CSS and design ideas from the Pygments website, thanks Georg! Pygments also handles the highlighting of all code on this site.